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Shaman drum is an instrument which original name may possibly be a frame drum. Name of the drum comes usually either from the people using it, culture or a way of use.

Drums have been big part of people’s way of life all around the world. The sound of the drum has been heard from Inca temples, shores of Japan, villages of the native American Indians, plains of Ireland and Shamans of Lapland.

How to use shaman drum?

Shamanic drums were used in the past as a tool in different ceremonies. By drumming, the shaman who was a healer and a prophet in his community, called the spirits and travelled to the spiritual world. As Christianity spread to Finland almost all shamanic drums were destroyed.

Now the drum is back again and even if you are not a shaman, the drum brings you a lot of joy. Playing the drum makes you feel relaxed and calm. The low resonating sound creates a connection with the surroundings and energy flows from Mother Earth. The sound also grounds you and wakes your cell memory to connect you to your true source.

You can consecrate the drum to your personal use, especially if you use the drum as a support for mental growth. A consecrated drum is personal, so do not let others play it. The drum preserves your powers.

You can play the drum while dancing, meditating or just for fun. It is easier to relax by playing the drum and also children enjoy it.

About us and our shaman drums

We create unique, hand-made shaman drums in Finland, respecting the long tradition of Northern shamanism and in connection with Mother Earth. We use local materials, such as reindeer skin, in our drums. Playing these drums re-connects the player or shaman with the energy of Mother Earth. This is achieved by the low, resonating sounds of the drum. Playing the drum leads you to a relaxed and calm state. Use them while dancing or while meditating.

All our drums are hand-made in Finland. The wooden hoop of the drum is protected and coloured with wood wax. The drum skin is made of reindeer skin, which is either undyed or dyed with a water-based stain. The drum stick is made of a tree branch and the head of it is covered with wool or a piece of cloth to make it suitable for playing.

The drum is a beautiful decorative item to be hanged on a wall. It is a perfect gift for anyone who values handicraft and unique design. Each drum is one of a kind.

A custom-made drum can be decorated by painting a picture on the drum skin. It can portray for example an animal, a landscape or a person. It can also be a shamanic symbol. In addition, you can choose the size and colour of the drum. The hoop of the drum can also be decorated.

Our drums have a pure and low sound. The hoop of the drum does not rattle. The drum maker has played drums in a band for several years, so a pure sound is important for him. He also has a vocational qualification in carpentry.

Can you hear the drum calling for you?

You can find all unique shaman drums in our online store.